Hayes (Kent) History

Hayes (Kent) History

HAWARDEN, Lady Viscount Anne Isabelle, (née Monck)
c.1759- 26 July 1851

Lady Viscount Isabella Hawarden was a widow when she took out a lease on Pickhurst Manor in 1813. At the age of eighteen in 1777 she had become the third wife of 48 year old Sir Cornwallis Maude MP, by whom she had eleven children. He was created Baron de Montalt of Hawarden, County Tipperary in 1785, Viscount Hawarden in 1791 and died in 1803 in Teignmouth.

In 1821 ten people were recorded in Dowager Lady Hawarden’s household including her youngest daughter Emily. Five years later Emily who was 32 years old married Lord Henry Dunalley in Hayes Church.

The family showed their support for the poor and made an annual contribution to the special fund to help those in need in Hayes.   In 1814, during a very hard frost, Lady Hawarden gave an additional £2 and her daughter Miss Maude £1 towards the cost of supplying the poor with coals. Under her will made in 1840 she left the equivalent of a year’s wages to one of her servants Joseph Hunt and £50 to another servant Elizabeth Jeffries. 

She moved from Hayes in 1828