Hayes (Kent) History

Hayes (Kent) History

CATOR, John Farnaby
1816 – 1889
Lieutenant Colonel, Landowner, Deputy Lieutenant, Justice of the Peace 

John Farnaby Cator took over the lease of Pickhurst Manor after the death of Lady Morland in 1851.  His sister Margaretta had married William Morland in 1843. 

He was serving with the Royal Artillery overseas when his first wife died in 1850 leaving him with two young daughters, Penelope aged two and baby Laura.  He reluctantly returned to his unit in Canada after the funeral leaving his children in the care of a sister.  However, in 1852 he retired from the army on half-pay and raised the Kent Artillery Militia of which he became Lieutenant Colonel Commander. 

In the same year he married Julia Hallam and moved to Pickhurst Manor.  The following year twin daughters, Julia and Eleanor, were born although Eleanor only lived a few months.  Another daughter called Eleanor was born in 1857 and in 1860 a son Henry was born in Hayes.  He was named after Julia’s father, the renowned historian Henry Hallam who had lived at Pickhurst for a while before his death in 1859.  By 1861 the immediate family numbered six and there were also 12 resident servants including a butler, two footmen, a Lady’s maid and nurse maid.

When his uncle Sir Charles Farnaby of Wickham Court died he left the property and estate to John Cator providing he took the surname Lennard which he agreed to do.  The family therefore left Pickhurst Manor and moved to West Wickham.